What Does an Ultrasound Technician Do?

by on August 16, 2011

The continuing advancement of technology does more than just make the lives of people easier; it also contributes in the creation of new jobs for people. Take the case of the new growing demand for competent ultrasound technician in many medical and healthcare facilities.

An ultrasound technician, formally known as a sonographer, belongs to the field of diagnostic digital imaging. They rely on an instrument known as a transducer that transmits a high frequency sound waves into the patient’s body. The sound waves would bounce off the target body part/organ, resulting in echoes that would be captured by the instrument and converted into visual images. Doctors rely on these generated images to assess and diagnose the medical conditions of their patients. One of the new developments in the sonography technology is the 3D sonography which would enable sonographers to produce more detailed images.

The technology utilized by an ultrasound technician was once closely associated with the field of obstetrics and gynecology. But with the growing health concerns of patients and physicians alike over the effects of other diagnostic scanning techniques, like radiographic technology, on the already sensitive condition of the patients, having a number of competent ultrasound technician on hand to perform the non-invasive ultrasonography is becoming a top priority among healthcare facilities.

Nowadays he can dabble into other fields like abdominal sonography, neurosonography, and even ophthalmic sonography. The scope of sonography is likewise expanding; many physicians rely on the detailed images produced in sonography to zero in on the appropriate treatment for the patient and what can be done to prevent the onset of other medical conditions.

Medical facilities are very particular about the qualifications of the ultrasound technician they hire because of the demands of the job. Competence is a must because the physician will rely on the images produced as the basis of their diagnosis. When it comes to matters of a person’s well-being, utmost skill is necessary. Aside from being knowledgeable with the equipment utilized, a competent sonographer must be able to put the patient at ease during the examination in order to obtain the best images needed and be able to explain the whole process to the patient as well.

Experts are expecting the growth being experienced by the industry to continue, increasing the demand for competent individuals to support the growth.


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